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Course Description The evolution of new technology and related services in the Satellite Industry require professional skills and knowledge for ...
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Geospatial Analysis with R

Description Earth scientists make observations and gather data about the natural processes that operate on planet Earth. This process of ...
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Understanding DVBS2, DVBT2 & DVB-H in Satellite Technology

Description Satellite, Weather and Climate division of Earth Observation and Research and Innovation Centre (EORIC) at the University of Energy ...
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Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

Description The High Performance Computing Laboratory of the Earth Observation Research and Innovation Center (EORIC)-UENR invites all and sundry especially ...
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Applied Remote Sensing for Vegetation Mapping

Description Land use and land cover changes have become important for managing natural resources and monitoring environmental changes. Knowledge of ...
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Applied Satellite Technology for Integrated Resource Management

Description The GEONETCast Centre at the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), Sunyani, is organizing a training workshop designed ...
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